My friend, Chelsea’s birthday is coming up and I decided to ‘make’ a gift for her rather than buying one. When someone who isn’t really creative (like me) sits down to make a card, he or she always consults youtube videos. I watched many DIY card videos, but the easiest and cutest card I saw was made by a YouTuber called Sara. Her channel is SaraBeautyCorner.

The card was unique and simple to make, so I made a quick run to the craft store to buy a bunch of balloons and coloured paper. The card is simple enough to make. I stuck eyes on the balloons and scrunched up some tissue paper beneath them, so as to give a 3D effect. When I stuck them on the paper, they looked like baby whales!

I wrote ‘Happy Birthday Chelsea’ in the fountain of water pouring out of their little blowholes. I loved making the card because it was really easy to make and the end result of the card was quite satisfying.

I like the idea of gifting a card to someone on their birthday because it is more personal and it means that you really put an effort into making something that belongs to them only. In fact, a birthday card would be the kind of gift I would certainly love to receive on my birthday!