The first thought that came to my mind when I read the word layers is the dialogue from the Shrek movie “Onions have layers. Ogres have layers…you get it? We both have layers.”

Hence I present to you, one of my most random blogs ever…interesting facts about onions!

  1. Holy onions: “Ancient Egyptians worshipped onions, believing their spherical shape and concentric circles within symbolized eternity. In fact, onions were often placed in the burial tombs of pharoahs, as they were believed to bring about prosperity in the afterlife.”
  2. Unfortunately, the myth that onions have the ability to draw the ‘flu causing bacteria’ is completely false.
  3. Another myth is that cut onions often become poisonous which is also not true. (which is why I used the word ‘myth’)
  4. Onions cause reduction of a dog’s red blood cells. So, that’s a food item you might want to avoid plopping into your dog’s food bowl.
  5. In the Middle Ages, onions were an acceptable form of currency, and was used to pay for rent, goods and services — and even as gifts! (if that was still true….well…I guess we all know what our gifts would be every year)

I find the need to inform you that although onions are certainly ‘NOT’ my favourite vegetable… I found these facts quite interesting!

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