This is a bunch of DIY ideas which are easy and inexpensive. You can find most of the material for these DIY’s lying around your home.

  1. IMG_20160804_095040.jpgThis is how I decorated one side of my cupboard door. I made the umbrellas by following this youtube video-  I made the ice-creams and the snowmen by cutting the shapes out of paper and painting them. This is a really simple, yet colourful and cute DIY idea.

2. IMG_20160804_095111.jpg

I made this cute and tiny fish using straws. It was quite simple to make, and all you need is scissors, glue and straws. The youtube video I watched to make these is- Although it was a bit time consuming, it was completely worth it. I made 9 of these fishes and stuck them on my cupboard to decorate them.



I made this beautiful origami flower using sheets of coloured paper and a pair of scissors only. I placed this flower as a decoration piece on a ledge in my room. The youtube video I followed to create this origami flower is-



This is a phone holder that I made using very little material. Since I came up with this design on my own, I can’t provide a link to a youtube video. All you need is a plastic box that is square in shape (I had purchased a clock that came in a small plastic box, that is the box I used to make this stand) Fill the box with material that will provide strength to the structure, so it can support the weight of your phone. (I used cardboard pieces, cut to fit the box) While adding the last few pieces of cardboard (or any other material you may use) make sure to create a gap between the two pieces, large enough for your phone to fit into. Cover the plastic box with coloured paper of your choice and paint or draw on anything you like. I painted this doughnut on mine, but you can personalize yours to your taste.



This is a cute minion pen stand that I made using an empty pringles bottle and some yellow paper. Cut the paper to size and wrap it around the pringles bottle. Draw you desired minion’s features and paint away. My minion is Bob (which is why his eyes have different coloured eyeballs) Add some shoes with black card sheet and your minion pen stand is ready for use!

I hope you liked these 5 DIY ideas. I enjoyed making them and I really hope you try them out as well!