In the second month of my summer vacation, I was to visit Singapore (where my sister lives). Every time I thought about staying with my sister for three weeks, my heart tittered in excitement. Yet, as the day to leave came nearer, my anxiety began to shoot as I realised that this was the first ever airplane journey that I was going on alone. I had always been accompanied by my parents. To make matters worse, I had to take two separate flights to get to Singapore. (one from Dubai to Doha and the next, from Doha to Singapore)

I have a tendency to be careless at times, which is what made my  worries increase manifold. I would have to be very careful of my belongings, passport, ticket etc. I would also have to pay great attention to the regular announcements made, in order to find my way about the airport. My parents however were far from worried. They simply gave me general instructions regarding the importance of my passport and that I must message them regularly to let them know where I am at.

After the check-in at Dubai airport, I had to leave my parents and head towards security check. Clutching on to my bag which contained all my important documents, I nervously waved goodbye to my parents an made my way past security and towards my gate. I had to wait for over an hour at the gate. I settled  down to watch a movie in that time, but was distracted by the loud announcements made at regular intervals. Afraid that I would miss an important announcement, I hastily pulled out my headphones every time an announcement was made. Finally it was time to board the flight. I checked and rechecked my belongings, just in case I had missed something. Then I queued up to enter the flight.

The flight from Dubai to Doha was a short 45 min flight. I settled down in my window seat, contentedly watching a movie, while passengers around me attempted to sleep, turning their necks at odd angles, desperately searching for a comfortable position in the limited space they had. However, sleep was not an option for me. I knew that if I slept on the flight, I would be groggy when I left the airplane. That would not help me to focus on boarding the next flight to Singapore. Once the flight had landed, I jumped up from my seat instantly, and made my way down the aisle.

Once in the airport, I was lost. I kept peeking at the boarding passes of the passengers who came in the same flight as me, trying to locate a passenger who had to take the same flight as I did to Singapore, but in vain. I walked around a bit until I spotted a board with flight details. I checked my flight number against the board and was relieved to see the gate number printed on it. I made my way to the gate and once again waited impatiently. Once I had boarded the flight, I once again relaxed in an aisle seat watching quite a number of movies (since it was a 7 hour flight) and stretching my legs at regular intervals. Once again I fussed about my passport and my tickets, checking and rechecking if I had them on me and them stowing them away safely till the journey was over.

On landing in Singapore, my heart leaped with joy. The rest of it passed quite smoothly, expect the fact that since I did not know my address in Singapore I was asked to call my sister in order to note it down. (during which time my heart thundered with worry). My baggage claim was quick and easy and in no time I was out of the airport and greeting my excited sister.

All in all, this was a very interesting experience. I realised that I could be responsible if I seriously wanted to and so did my family!