About a month ago, I attended a workshop conducted by Intel, called “Internet of Things”. I was accompanied by 4 other students of my school. We were a team, and were up against several teams that represented other schools.

The workshop stretched over three days. On the first day, we were asked to introduce ourselves and come up with team names. Since we all knew java coding, the instructor had called us a powerhouse of coders, hence inspiring us to choose our team name “Mitochondria”! Once the basic introduction was over, the instructor explained what an invention actually is, the various aspects of it etc. His words were very informative and interesting. I learnt for example, that an invention need not necessarily be an idea that has never been thought of before. It could be an improvement on an existing device, in terms of design, cost or effectiveness.

On the second day, he presented us with the opportunity to come up with an idea for our own invention, and to create a working model to demonstrate it. He provided us with an Arduino kit as well. We brainstormed for quite a while before coming up with an idea. Our idea was to create a device that would detect speed limits on roads and not allow cars to accelerate beyond that limit. We then thought of all the cons and tried to resolve the problems we faced. We began to work on a prototype using all the fascinating equipment we were provided with.

Day three was the most intense day, since we had to complete our prototype and present it to our audience. We hurriedly went over our codes and checked all the connections, ensuring that our prototype would work. We then went about presenting our idea on a chart and testing whether our prototype worked. Finally it was time for us to present our ideas. We were asked to provide useful feedback to the other teams when they came up. So, when we presented our idea, a few people gave us feedback. We were happy to hear that the feedback was all good, and our prototype was a success.


All in all, this experience was extremely educational and yet fun. It isn’t the kind of experience I think I would forget very easily. It was special because it was the first time I was having hands on experience and applying the knowledge that I had gained by simply reading textbooks.