I recently completed a six week workshop on Arduino robotics and mechatronics. It was a very interesting workshop because it was an application of the computer programming and circuits I had only learnt about in textbooks.

The first two weeks covered the basic theory of the Arduino red board and its working. We also learnt how to read the stripes on resistors and how the various components of our circuits worked. We learnt a basic program on how to switch on and off led lights as well, before diving into the actual hard programming.

Over the next four weeks, we created several circuits and wrote their corresponding codes. The experience of re-writing codes that didn’t work and re building the circuits that didn’t function properly prepared me for how it would be when I actually become an engineer (my dream job) . We prepared circuits to display information on a screen, flicker a light, make a motor run based on input from a flex sensor, and so on. Every time a code worked, I felt a rush of joy and a sense of accomplishment. It is small things like this that make me realise just how much I love the subject of mechatronics and that I will enjoy my work immensely if I become an engineer.